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Dedicated to early stage Startups by @id4vc

Dedicated to early stage Startups
by @id4vc

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Let's try again!

I have been running this newsletter for the past 4 years with some soul searching hiatuses including the past 10 months.As Revue will be close down following the new ownership at twitter, I'm sure you heard about it ;) , It could be a good moment to try a new…


Id4 #125: the Efficiency myth, Product @ Stripe, WFH or not ?

Hi, This week , I know Sun is back and lockdowns are easing. We should all enjoy it but the bundle of articles below really worth the read: To follow up on our last newsletter, a great methodology for Bottom Up Pricing & Packaging.Read about “going deep” …


Id4 #124: Pricing Strategy (Epic vs Apple), Programmable Equity

Hi,With the Epic vs Apple trial, we can't avoid talking about pricing and the overheated debate that trial have generated. Here is some reactions from high profile VCsBill Gurley (Benchmark)There is a big difference between what you can extract and what you s…


Id4 #123 Series A, ESOP & long term growth

Hi, This week, how to react to new ideas ( it reminds me the quote of Linda Rottenberg CEO of Endeavor : Crazy is a compliment) from Paul GrahamAnd a focus a long term: Series A, ESOP and long term growthInteresting take from Sophia Bendz on Series A fundrai…


Id4 #122: Growth, Board creation, Sales coaching

Hi, This week, some short and actionable knowledge:When Do I Create A Board?Net Dollar Retention vs. Net Revenue Retention.Why every founder should sell before they have a product.So no excuse not to read them ;) And two more in depth articles :There’s only a…


Id4 #121: Resilience, Mentorship Program, Company Culture

Hi, With some light at the end of Pandemic tunnel and people coming back to the office at least partially, focus on talents, (re-)motivation and company culture is becoming more important than ever. Below some great content to help you reflect on the subject.…


Id4 #120 Marketplaces, Product market fit, Exits

Hi, At Id4 ventures, we focus a lot on SaaS and Marketplaces, lately we have shared some interesting articles on SaaS so it's time to focus a bit more on marketplaces. The more you invest or develop a marketplace, the more you learn that mastering your supply…


Id4 #119: Build a great team, Pricing, Defensibility

Hi, This week, an insights Bundle from Hiring to pricing.Some principles and mental frameworks that can make it easier and faster to get to the optimal pricing and packaging with A16ZVery interesting view from Nicole Quinn with How to build a great team. In a…


Id4 #118 how to decide, Raising too much capital, Team compensation

Hi, 5 great articles, this week. First one from the great Reid Hoffman on how to decide. the key to everything as an entrepreneur. Talking about decisions, how much to raise and at what valuation are key ones. It can make or break your company. Often the ego …


Id4 #117: New SaaS KPIs, Investors' updates

Hi, At id4, more than half of our portfolio companies are SaaS, so we spend quite some time revisiting how to measure progress and success. Below some interesting articles on how to manage a SaaS company in the era of Product Led GrowthAlso a key point to hav…


Id4 #116: AI, Future of work, Success, Stripe

Hi, This week, a bit less technicality and more mind expansion articles 📖 🤯 :The impact of AI on everything, An interview the Stripe's CEO, the Common Denominator of SuccessAlso one deep dive: the success of Noom growing to a 9-figure revenue by going agains…


Id4 #115: Product Strategy Stack, Product Led Growth, Apple Editors' Choice

Biloba was awarded the Apple Editors' Choice "In short, Editor’s Choice is a vote of recognition from Apple and gives an app a higher reputation."Editor's Choice in the iOS app store is a kind of promotion given by editors at Apple. They will choose specific …


Id4 #114: Focus on what matters, B2B Sales

Hi, 3 great reads 🤯 ( and not so long ;)#1 : “Will it make the boat go faster?” was a revelation. Read the twitter thread about the British rowing team unexpectedly won the Men’s Eight Rowing gold medal.#2 : Straight to the point for Seth Godin: The weight of…


Id4 #113 Hiring, Need vs Want, Building a company

Hi, Some interesting notions for founders, Need vs Want, also ideas on how to re-orient yourself to build the machine, not run it (a "make or break" transition for you as your company grows)But also an important focus on Recruiting outside of your personal ne…


Id4 #112 Product -led growth, Hidden moats

Hi, This week, some reading about Product-led growth and also how time creates hidden moats. All is linked, the better your product appeal to the end user, the more your circle of ambassadors grows, the less churn you have, over time it's building a hidden mo…


Id4 #111 : Focus on you as leader

Congrats to Afrikrea, which become the DHL's biggest e-commerce exporter out Africa.


Id4 #110: How to build and manage a board

Hi, To continue on putting your year on the right track, once operations and fundraising are in motion. Time to focus on an essential part of a startup gouvernance: The board. Creating and manage a board that will bring value to the founders is key. Boards ar…


Id4 #109 Guide to fundraising, pitching via Zoom

Hi, last week, we focused on putting on track operations to ensure a strong growth as activity resumed post end of year's break. Time to focus on fundraising. We have selected articles focusing on angel, seed and Series A rounds, so you all can find useful ti…


Id4 #108: OKRs, Marketing funnel, Growth Function at Early Stage

Congrats to Neurolabs for wining UiPath #Automation Awards 2020


Scale as a startup CEO, Product-market fit, DoorDash from application to IPO ->Id4 #107

HI,the last one before year end.Like always a focus on scaling with DoorDash from application to IPO and How to scale as a startup CEO from seed to Series AAnd to help you do that great tools : Finding product-market fit: models and frameworks for SaaS compan…