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Burning Equity, Market Prioritisation, Telemedicine, enterprise go-to-market => Id4 #105

Burning Equity, Market Prioritisation, Telemedicine, enterprise go-to-market => Id4 #105
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This week, great articles for top VCs we are working closely with: Notion capital and Dawn capital.
From Notion : Introducing the Market Prioritisation Matrix (MPM), A simple model to help SaaS founders map their markets, focus their efforts and align their resources.
From Dawn: Introducing Cost of Capital in your budget exercise, something we as Id4 will definitively do with our portfolio
Focus on B2B sales with A16z introducing growth + sales as a the new era of enterprise go-to-market
They are in-depth articles with essential notions for the future of your startup, take the time to read
Also from Benjamin founder of Biloba ( a Id4 portfolio startup) a great analysis of the shortcomings of telemedicine.
Enjoy your week and stay safe,
The Id4 team.

Articles we liked at Id4 ventures
Resources - Introducing the Market Prioritisation Matrix (MPM)
Andrew Reed
Don Valentine:

“[Venture capital] is all about figuring out which questions are the right questions to ask. And since we don’t have a clue what the right answer is, we’re very interested in the process by which the entrepreneur get to the conclusion”
Growth+Sales: The New Era of Enterprise Go-to-Market - Andreessen Horowitz
Burning your Equity. Forget cash burn, in a world of easy… | by Norman Fiore | Dawn Capital | Nov, 2020 | Medium
From our Startups
Q&A: Nicolas Hammer, Co-founder and CEO, Critizr | Retail Bulletin
Video telemedicine: an anomaly in Western countries | by Benjamin Hardy | Nov, 2020 | Medium
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