Founders equity, LTV calculation, Mind wandering in Id4 .vc FT - Issue #103





Founders equity, LTV calculation, Mind wandering in Id4 .vc FT - Issue #103
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Important topics this week: Your productivity, Metrics and Founder equity structuration.
Plus some great updates from our portfolio companies.
1) Mind wandering, how it affect our everyday activities, and how to leverage it
2) Decision process, follow Neil example, save moments to be able to take the right decisions
1) Near miss or clear miss? great article to help you focus on what matters : knowing if it was a clear miss or a near miss.
2) Big focus on LTV from Christoph Janz, your LTVs (spoiler) will never look the same.
Founders equity, interesting view on how to structure it.
Enjoy your week, stay safe.
the Id4 team

Articles we liked at Id4 ventures
Near miss or clear miss?. So you missed your metrics — it’s ok… | by Phin Barnes | Oct, 2020 | sneakerheadVC
What is Mind-Wandering and How To Use it To Your Advantage? |
From our Startups
We're excited to share that @Nordigen is part of @IntelAI Builders program - an ecosystem of industry leading independent software vendors, system integrators and others with a shared mission to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence across @intel platforms. 💯
David Lotfi, CEO at @EVINADCBprotect and Luis Vicedo, CTO at @DigitalVirgo, discussed how tackling fraud correctly can help both carriers and merchants grow their #DCB business. A must-read!

#DigitalVirgo #DVPass #AntiFraud #cybersecurity #CarrierBilling
Miuros 🚀
Join us on 18th November for a frank discussion about how to make effective performance reviews in customer support! #CX #CustServ
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