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Founders tips - Issue #35

Hi, We don't have money so we can't attract the right talents, hire the best freelances, etc... Ring
Founders tips - Issue #35
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We don’t have money so we can’t attract the right talents, hire the best freelances, etc…
Ring a bell ? that’s it was we hear the most from founders at early stages (even at later stages so time…)
Our answer is always the same, you don’t not have Euros or Dollars but you have another money : Your equity. it might not worth much right now, but in the future it can be of great value.
it’s part of your job as founder to make people believe in your vision and ability to deliver it. Once this done, your equity doesn’t worth zero anymore but hold future value
With it, you can pay talents, hire freelancers, even pay your rent
Through the coming newsletters, we will learn to leverage your equity
Enjoy your week.
PS: the Improve your tech section really worth the read, the rest as well ;)

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Tweet of the week
Josh Elman
The hardest part about playing the long game is remembering that the long game is just a bunch of short games and you have to win enough of them (though not all) to be around long enough
6:07 AM - 10 Feb 2018
The big read of the week end
Artificial Intelligence And The Threat To Salespeople
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