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Founders tips - Issue #44

Surely because of the image developed around successful entrepreneurs, being super smart, never tired
Founders tips - Issue #44
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Surely because of the image developed around successful entrepreneurs, being super smart, never tired, always anticipating the next move, we tend to forget what really makes an entrepreneur successful.
I often tell founders, you think too much and do too little too slow.
Remember startups often die from failing to transform an idea into a working business model.
Building a company is a race against time, every month you are losing money, every month your financial resources are decreasing. So, it’s vital to make the maximum process between rounds or to achieve break even point faster.
Most of the time, Founders have tough time raising money because they didn’t produce enough progress with the previous round money.
Succeeding is about compounding marginal improvements, in your product, customer satisfaction, team strength and sales.
To quote Pacino in Any given Sunday, it’s about winning one inch at a time. That’s the real secret to success. Not as glamorous for the entrepreneur portrait but the blunt truth if you ask me.
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