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Founders tips - Issue #47

As Jason Njoku described it in his post “Just F*%king Survive” that’s exactly what we are looking for
Founders tips - Issue #47
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As Jason Njoku described it in his post “Just F*%king Survive” that’s exactly what we are looking for at early stage, people who are going to make it.
It’s the most important. 99% of the startups, we have invested in as first business angels, have changed their project multiples times.
What make the difference between a write off and a winner? The founding team. Their ability to make it happen no matter what: Survivors!
It requires being smart but more importantly dedication and hard work. Our personal experience as entrepreneurs show that the more you dedicate yourself to a project, the harder your work, the more you have luck. And Luck is a key factor of success.
We have reviewed 15 projects this week at MVP stage. After the reviews, we discussed only about one thing: Not the projects but the entrepreneurs. Which ones have impressed us ? Out of 20 ? One. That’s the one, we ganna concentrate on even though the project is not well crafted yet, we will figure it out.
Be a dedicated, hard worker, obsessed by make it, that’s what make you succeed, not your IQ..
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Whenever I interact with Amazon’s customer support team I’m reminded why that company is as successful as they are. Just phenomenal.
8:57 PM - 13 Apr 2018
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