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Founders tips - Issue #48

All you need is one yes! The basis of a new startup is to do something disrupting that very few peopl
Founders tips - Issue #48
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All you need is one yes!
The basis of a new startup is to do something disrupting that very few people can see as viable or even feasible. You are here to disrupt the status quo, so what it seems an obvious opportunity for you, won’t be for the rest of us.
That’s why fundraising at an early stage is so hard. You have no metrics to back up your vision, barely a viable product and a nascent team.
So getting rejected is normal, all you need is to find that someone that understands and believe in your vision, not only that but also believe your team is the one who can execute it.
Your job as a founder is to get that yes, the one that will make the others follow.
One yes from a respected/credible Angel investor or VC will make the rest of the pack raising an eyebrow, and start believing as well. It’s always the same pattern.
You will be rejected a lot, but eventually, if you have a great project/team and you make good progress while bootstrapping, you will find that yes.
Below two examples of startups with a bold vision and great success that didn’t have an easy start. They kept pushing, developing their company, finally, they had their first Yes, and now they are multi-billion dollars’ companies.
Keep them in mind, work hard, be ambitious and eventually, you will get your Yes.
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All you need is one Yes...
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Tweet of the week
Micah Rosenbloom
My observation is that the best VCs spend the most time with their struggling companies even though its not the most optimized use of time - these co's need the help most and this is where reputations are won or lost
6:39 PM - 18 May 2018
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