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Founders tips - Issue #57

September is also back to school season for fundraising, so we have added some reads about it. concre
Founders tips - Issue #57
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September is also back to school season for fundraising, so we have added some reads about it. concrete, straight to the point.
1) The thread (here) from David Lee ( practical tips) or on how founders misread VCs comments from Matt Clifford in the tweet of week section.
2) The long read article will give you great insights about how VCs manage their portfolio and their returns. Understanding it is key to increase your success rate in fundraising and more importantly making sure you raise from the kind of VC you want to work with.
Yes, it’s long read, but if you can spend 15 mins to understand better an activity you will spend months on. You have a problem…

Of course, all the rest is useful otherwise it won’t be here ;) do they extra effort and read Founder & CEO benchmarking in A better you section , directly link to our previous post Founder is not a synonym for ceo
Enjoy your week.

A better you
Public SaaS / Software Founder & CEO Benchmarking | Equity, Age, Comp
A better company
Monitoring an early-stage SaaS business at the B2B Rocks conference in Paris
Improve your tech
Vue.js: the good, the meh, and the ugly – Pier Bover – Medium
Understand better VCs
David Lee
Fundraising tip: Immediately after a meeting, write down every question that was asked - to the word. It feels tedious but it's the fastest way to improve your pitch.
4:19 PM - 7 Sep 2018
Keith Rabois
My investment criteria.
5:38 PM - 24 Nov 2017
Tweet of the week
Matt Clifford
It’s amazing how many founders believe they’re in the verge of raising from investors who probably think they’ve given a polite no. Founders: if an investor is keen, they’ll be banging down your door, not sending noncommital replies five days after you email.
5:36 PM - 7 Sep 2018
The big read of the week end
How to Win in Venture Capital: Focus on the Fat Tails
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