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Founders tips - Issue #58

What to read this week ? 1) how to write to early stage investors, if you don't get what you are loo
Founders tips - Issue #58
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What to read this week ?
1) how to write to early stage investors, if you don’t get what you are looking for in a couple of minutes, you are decreasing your response rate by 99% ;) so take 3 mins to read the understand better VCs article
2) focus on the different types of network effects, we meet too many entrepreneurs who don’t understand those concepts, essential to generate organic growth . 12 mins but no way you can do the impasse on this.
3) A special tech 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 yes you are in a tech business, so as a startup founder, your tech culture is key.
With the end of Elixir Conf 2018, We have been very impressed with Elixir performance. We really appreciate the very active Elixir ecosystem. A lot of progress is being made on all fronts (web, iOT, UX/UI). Maybe they can finally have an answer for using the same language on all platforms.
Also a quick reminder about code readability importance in the maintainability of your system. worth reading for your culture and have the discussion with your CTO
Enjoy your read.

A better you
    Jeff Bezos on why 8 hours of sleep is important when making decisions - Business Insider
A better company
Acquired by Amazon— what we learned at Pillpack – Fred Destin – Medium
Improve your tech
How Discord Handles Two and Half Million Concurrent Voice Users using WebRTC
23 guidelines for writing readable code - Alemil: Gamedev blog
Understand better VCs
Tweet of the week
Harry Stebbings
Big lesson from scaling @twentyminutevc to 20m+ downloads: 1.) Make 1 customer insanely happy with incredible product experience. 2.) Do it again & again & again. 3.) By 100, you’ll have a “mini-brand” & scalable, capital efficient customer acquisiton will work itself out.
1:43 AM - 16 Sep 2018
The big read of the week end
The 5 Types of Network Effects and How to Hack Them
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