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Founders tips - Issue #61

That time of the year, Q4. Where promises (yearly budget) need to meet reality (actuals). That time o
Founders tips - Issue #61
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That time of the year, Q4. Where promises (yearly budget) need to meet reality (actuals).
That time of the year, where you realize the amount of work reaming to achieve your year.

It’s important to keep in mind the long term and take the right decisions for the future of your company but it’s also important not to lie to yourself, if you are too far off your initial assumptions, you can’t discard short term results as temporary inconvenience.
Q4 is generally when you forecast a strong growth, if you can’t achieve it with a reasonable burn rate, it might be the right time to reassess how you are doing things.

Remember, no reason to panic if things are not going completely according to plan, you need to keep your focus and work hard, making small improvements every day. There is no overnight success just a succession of small wins, with setbacks in between. For more on this read You Don’t Need a Breakthrough, You Need a Microshift.

But you also need to be honest in your performance assessment, too many startup die because they make radical changes when they start to run out of cash, make the changes while you can, for more on this read The plague of rationalization from Eric Paley, Managing Partner at Founder Collective.

On the tech side we continue with some first hand experiences and advices with Francois Cholet’s notes.

Keep your eyes on the ball and stay strong, Q4 is only a big quarter, many other will follow.
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Tweet of the week
Eric Vishria
Another 10+ year “overnight” success story! Early traction, merging with a competitor, changing the business model - through it all awesome leadership and execution. Congrats to the team!
7:04 PM - 4 Oct 2018
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The untold story of Stripe, the secretive $20bn startup driving Apple, Amazon and Facebook | WIRED UK
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