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Founders tips - Issue #69

It’s budget time, budget is important as it forces you to prioritize your efforts and investments. Th
Founders tips - Issue #69
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It’s budget time, budget is important as it forces you to prioritize your efforts and investments.
The objective is to find the right balance between run rate, building stronger operations and hitting next round milestones.

I often recommend at pre-seed, even seed to to do your budget exercise without or with very discounted revenues. You are at a time where product market fit matters more than revenues. If you need those revenues to survive the year, you might onboard non core target customers just for the sake of getting the cash on board, and force you to distort you product / customer acquisition to acquire them.
The beginning of a slippery trail.

The tweets thread of Boris Wertz in understand better VCs section is great advice.

To help you keep looking at the horizon at the same time, What $100M Startups Do Differently in a better company section from Parul Singh

And to help you balance your budget, a word from Justin Kan in tweet of the week.

Doing a budget is a great time to look back at what you have done and plan your ambitions, do it carefully is a great exercise.

Last but not least, in the improve your tech section: What Non-Technical Founders Really Need To Know About Tech
A must read for every non tech founder.

Enjoy your week.

We share the same view
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Improve your tech
Understand better VCs
Boris Wertz
1/ It is budgeting time for most of our portfolio companies right now - here are a few best practices I have observed over the years as a board member and investor.
10:19 PM - 30 Nov 2018
Tweet of the week
Justin Kan
First time founders are obsessed with product.

Second time founders are obsessed with distribution.
3:03 AM - 7 Nov 2018
The big read of the week end
Edward Snowden Explains Blockchain to His Lawyer — and the Rest of Us | American Civil Liberties Union
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