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Founders tips - Issue #79

Founders tips - Issue #79
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A topic dear to ours hearts, when you raise, all money are not equal, which VC you raise money from is also important.
… You need to be careful with funds that have done 20–30 seeds deals in fairly rapid succession.
Talk to companies that have taken this money and see if they’ve gotten support. I have spoken at length to one such entrepreneur who tells me that he hardly hears from his VC. He was told informally that they view him as an “option” whereby they can wait and see if another VC makes an offer.
— Mark Suster, Upfront Ventures
Also in the VC space, interesting insights from Eric Bahn from Hustle Fund on pitching VCs on growth
Both articles bring valuable lessons.
of course Improve your tech and A better company section worth the read as well.
Enjoy your week,
PS: It has been while since I have told you that reading is key to your success so don’t forget: reading is key to your success ;)

A better you
Ryan Hoover on Product Hunt’s Acquisition and Lessons Learned About Startup Launches with Dalton Caldwell – Y Combinator
A better company
B2B vs. B2C vs. B2B2C – firstminute capital – Medium
Improve your tech
Understand better VCs
The Surprising Truth About Raising Your Seed Round from VCs
Tweet of the week
1/ Quick tip thread for founders pitching VCs on growth: founders will often say things like, “Look how fast we’ve grown--AND we haven’t spent a dime on customer acquisition or marketing yet!”

This isn’t actually good. Let me explain.
The big read of the week end
Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company
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