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Founders tips - Issue #82

Founders tips - Issue #82
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This week ,
Let’s start by a focus on HR:
If this rings a bell
  “A lot of founders tell me they’re sure their team will resist things like career paths or performance reviews. They know it will help the company level up, but they fear everyone will see it as the end of culture and the beginning of corporate-land”
You should read Nora’s article : From a Tech HR Veteran: What I Wish Every Founder Knew.
Some thoughts on how to avoid the “vest and rest” from Fred Wilson in Golden Handcuffs.
Also some investors’ wisdom that will bring valuable learning:
The tech article will drive you through some fundamentals about concurrency and the different strategies adopted by some languages to solve it..
Enjoy your week..

A better you
From a Tech HR Veteran: What I Wish Every Founder Knew
A better company
Improve your tech skills
Understand better VCs
How Much Should You Raise in Your VC Round? And What is a VC Looking at in Your Model?
Tweet of the week
Eric Paley
When getting ready to pitch VCs, founders often jump right into assembling a slide deck.

I think this is a mistake.

I’d suggest that you start by writing twenty headlines that sum up your startup, and only then build the slides.

Here’s why:

The big read of the week end
Inside the dusty brains of the first Spotify investor – looking at how we were right and wrong about Spotify in 2007
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