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Founders tips - Issue #94

Founders tips - Issue #94
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Few weeks of interruption, sorry for that, we had the usual before summer rush (Portfolio companies closing rounds, new investments)
Still some great reads here:
Acquisition, key point here, Digital acquisition costs keep on increasing, a new reality you need to integrate into your business plan, and work on alternatives as well: Online Marketing inflation will eat your business.
Another stress is Talent acquisition, funding and startup creations are growing faster that the talent pool, another pressure on your business, acquiring talent and retaining should be the top 1 priority. We are in a talent business : How to Build a Company Your Team Will Never Want to Leave
Scroll down to read the rest, you will learn great stuff but you have to read the two above (prioritize in a product road map, improving as CEO, using Web Workers,  Odds Of Becoming A Unicorn)
Enjoy your week

Founder's read
3 important lessons CEOs can learn by answering customer support tickets personally - Medium
Talent management
How to Build a Company Your Team Will Never Want to Leave |
Sales / Marketing
Online Marketing inflation will eat your business – Levin Bunz – Medium
How we prioritize features at Brigad — The SIEVE checklist
Improve your tech skills
When should you be using Web Workers?
Understand better VCs
Venture Capital Funnel Shows Odds Of Becoming A Unicorn Are About 1%
Tweet of the week
Rory Stirling
How much runway at each round:

- Seed = 12 months
- A = 18 months
- B/C = 24 months or more

Simple rule of thumb.

“It's a bad sign if a CEO wants to raise more than 12-18 months runway when their valuation is growing so quickly.”

(@fredwilson to @msuster, 2015 interview)
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