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Id4 #120 Marketplaces, Product market fit, Exits

Id4 #120 Marketplaces, Product market fit, Exits
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At Id4 ventures, we focus a lot on SaaS and Marketplaces, lately we have shared some interesting articles on SaaS so it’s time to focus a bit more on marketplaces.
The more you invest or develop a marketplace, the more you learn that mastering your supply is more challenging than generating demand. A great article on supply form the A16z team, also a the famous napkin funding from Point Nine marketplace version.
Then more founder oriented content: Finding Product/Market Fit and 2 great twitter’s threads on making simple decisions and exits decisions. ( click on the blue bird in the right corner to read the thread)
Finally, we are super excited to welcome in the Id4 Tribe: enabling all restaurants future proof the sustainability and profitability of their businesses.
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Articles we liked at Id4 ventures
The B2B Marketplace Funding Napkin 2021 | by Julia Morrongiello | Point Nine Land | Apr, 2021 | Medium
Marketplace Supply Strategy: Comprehensive, Exclusive, or Curated - Andreessen Horowitz
Casey’s Guide to Finding Product/Market Fit | Casey Accidental
David Frankel
Founder 1: Runs startup for five years. Sells for ~$100M. Makes $30M.

Founder 2: Running startup for ten years (and counting). Valued at ~$1B. Founder shares valued at $30M.

Which founder would you rather be?

George Mack
THREAD: 15 of the most useful razors and rules I've found.

Rules of thumb that simplify decisions.
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