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Id4 Founders tips - Issue #95

After months of soul searching, we have decided to resume our newsletter especially in such difficult
Id4 Founders tips - Issue #95
By Id4 ventures • Issue #95 • View online
After months of soul searching, we have decided to resume our newsletter especially in such difficult times for early stage startups.
Why have we disappeared? 
  1. We considered the newsletter format was not enough to support our founders community. We wanted more interactions with our founders and for this reason we created a slack community Id4 tribe.
  2. We also wanted more support for our Id4 founders, this is why we built a team of advisors on topics like Product Management, B2B SaaS sales, technical support and many more. Those advisors and the Id4 team will animate the different Id4 Tribe slack channels.
  3. Finally, we decided that our commitment to support the early stage ecosystem in Europe needs to go beyond supporting our portfolio but also other amazing entrepreneurs even if we haven’t invested in. #makeEuropeStronger.

So if you are interested to be part of the Id4 tribe and get our support, please fill this form: Join Id4 Tribe. We won’t take everyone but only the most committed founders.
But once you are in, we will support you as an Id4 founder.
This newsletter will resume on a monthly basis, highlighting the most shared articles in the Id4 tribe. 
Now the elephant in the room: Covid-19 
It’s a tough one and it’s brutal. It’s a 0 or 1 game. Forget valuation or optimization, either you make it or you fail. 
Winners are going to emerges stronger while weaker startups will fail faster.
Id4 partners as founders have survived the 2000 internet bubble, the 2008 financial crisis and here is our playbook (it’s brutal, but this crisis is brutal.)
  1. Forget model purity, get revenues from where ever you can. Reach out to customers and find a way to serve them.
  2. Trim the fat, but don’t touch muscles. It will get worth before it’ll get better, but it will get better. So cut all nice to have projects or staff but strengthen the core. Key assets need to be preserve to benefit from post-crisis acceleration.
  3. Pivot resources to pockets of current and future growth.
  4. Strengthen your balance sheet, engage with your existing investors to top up their investment. Well funded startups during a crisis will emerge as winners post-crisis.
Last but not least: We’re not going back to normal, Social Distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways, forever.
Good luck and we are here to do our max to help you make it.

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